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Valentine’s Day

Hello and welcome to Tai’s Amazing Online Offers.. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Have you thought of what you are going to get your loved one? It is the second largest holiday for giving gifts and cards with Christmas being first. Valentine’ s day is the day we celebrate love. I think of hearts when I think of this day of love. What do you think of?

Valentine's Day

Valentine's DayHearts and Cupid are the most common symbols. Cupid with his bow and arrows. Has his arrow “struck” your heart? Valentine’s day is a day for romance and love therefore making it a popular day for weddings.

Many popular gifts are flowers, chocolate, candy and lingerie. And some use the occasion to present lavish gifts, such as jewelry.

Candle lit dinners, gifts, elaborate cards. Words of love.  Some believe that the romance we associate with Valentine’s Day may come from the medieval belief that birds select their mates on February 14th.

Check out the offers on this site and you just may find the gift you are looking for!

Have a Great Day!

Taianne Newkirk

Cooking and The Cubs, What’s Your Passion?


What is your passion? What makes you happy and satisfied with life? Cooking and the Cubs are two of my passions.  Cooking for my family satisfies me and watching the Cubs make me happy.

cooking and the cubs

I love to cook. I love trying out new recipes. I love cookbooks. I have 4 drawers full of cookbooks and taste of home magazines. I have run out of room and some are on top of my freezer plus a magazine rack full. I keep telling myself I am going to organize them but that day hasn’t come yet.

My dad was a cook. My mom a waitress and my first job at 15 was waitressing. My dad worked for Continental Airlines in the flight kitchen. He continued with that job until he had to retire after having a quadruple heart by pass in 1977 at the age of 44. He, my mom and siblings moved to central/southern IL where I had moved to after marrying in 1975.

Retirement wasn’t easy for my dad so he started part time cooking for “The Old Mill Inn” in Newton, IL. The next 15 years saw most of my family working there on and off, myself included. My mom, 3 of my 4 brothers, my sister, an uncle, a cousin and even my children. Sadly, my dad passed away in 1991 at the age of 58 from congestive heart failure but the love of cooking lives on in me.

I cannot call myself a chef. I am just a home cook who loves to put food on the table. My kids are forever telling me I cook too much. There are always lots of leftovers. And now that my kids are grown and have kids of their own and it’s just my husband and I, I still cook too much. It’s a hard habit to break.

When I saw this offer for Crockpot recipes I decided I was going to buy it and make each one a week at a time but I’m torn because the famous restaurant recipes offer also intrigues me. I am just a poor farmer’s wife and I work full time so the crockpot seems to make more sense but my need for adventure pulls at me to try the other. I hope I am not biting off more than I can chew because I am really tempted to do both. A downfall of mine. I am very impulsive when it comes to any of my passions and I have a few much too my husband’s regret.

cooking and the cubs

My other great passion is the Chicago Cubs! I am what you would call a die-hard. Over 40 years. Not going to say when I became a fan, that would be telling my age. I’ll keep that a secret and believe me I don’t keep secrets very well.

I watched all the games I could. Missed a few because I worked or couldn’t get the game on television. I live in a rural area that is mostly Cardinal territory. But I checked my cell phone often for the scores. I cannot tell you what I felt when they won the World Series. Yes the Chicago Cubs won the World Series! A 108 year wait is over! I sit here still in shock. My grandpa is smiling down from heaven I’m sure. The song “Go Cubs Go” gives me chills every time I hear it. It also happens to be my cell phone ringtone. So here it is: , courtesy of youtube.  I hope it gives you chills too.

I cannot go without ending this post with the last out of the World Series proclaiming the Cubs as World Champions!, courtesy of youtube

 Cooking and the Cubs are two of my passions So I ask you again“What is your passion”?

Have a Great Day!

Taianne Newkirk

Welcome To Tai’s Online Offers


online offers


Hello and Welcome to Tai’s Amazing Online Offers.To the left check out the categories and the online offers within and I hope you find something that interests you. I have so enjoyed searching for online offers that I hope will interest many.  I am a farmer’s wife so I enjoy anything to do with cooking and gardening. One of my favorites is DYI – Crafting Kits for Every Occasions. Kits for making cheese, hot sauce, bbq sauce, soda, beer, candy as well as making soap and much more.

soap2              candles1           cheese2

It’s not a secret among family and friends, that I am a huge Chicago Cubs fan (Die-hard).  I have been for over 40 years and much to my delight my oldest daughter and her oldest son are also Cubs fans. So make sure to check out BaseballExpress-Sports Gear and More: The place for all your sports gear and apparel. All the top brands that the professionals use and of course to get your Chicago Cubs apparel.




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