Hi. Let me tell you about me. My name is Taianne Newkirk. I am a fifty-something female married over 40 years with 3 children and 10 grandchildren. I never finished high school but received my GED in my thirties while I was working as a certified nurse’s assistant (CNA).

I had decided I wanted to be a nurse. I am now a Registered Nurse working in long-term care. I love to read, cook, crochet and I have to add the “Chicago Cubs”. I started this venture as my health as declined in recent years and I am looking toward the future and retirement.

One day I hope to travel the United States in an RV with my husband. Sure there are other countries to visit but I believe our own backyard has a lot to see and offer and I look forward to the adventure.

I am the oldest of six children so all my life there have been kids around. In fact my home growing up did not only have my siblings and I but all our friends as well. In fact several of them even called my mom “mom”. I married at seventeen and had my first child at nineteen. So all my life has been centered around family and kids.

Now I find myself wondering if there is more out there for me. Don’t get me wrong. I have loved being a wife and mother but now I want to do something for me. I love “surfing” the internet and looking for deals. There is nothing on this website that I wouldn’t buy myself. I did in fact get the crock pot recipes but haven’t taken the time to really get into it yet. But I will!

So take the time, look around and see if something interests you. I love looking for interesting items and websites and will continue to do so. Check back often!

Have a wonderful day!