CDL Practice Test

Pass the CDL test and get on the road in a single weekend using this shortcut guide


  • Actual past exam questions without all of the BS and filler. I don’t know about you but I want “Here is what you need to know to pass the test”, and that’s it.
  • Designed to work with anyone, in any situation, with (almost) any kind of learning requirements. We’ve been helping rookies, frustrated professionals, even folks for whom English is a second language.
  • Provide you with vital information on certain test questions that are constantly being repeated – test, after test, after test.

How Anyone Can Pass CDL Written Test… Quickly And Easily…
Even If… Everything Else You Have Tried Has Failed!

“Until I found your program, I always failed miserably in the General Knowledge exam. I started using it at 4:30pm one day and by 1:30pm the next day, I had passed it with flying colors!! I don’t know if I would ever have passed the test without your expertise on the subject! Others should BELIEVE in this sytem because it WORKS!”

Rob from Newton, NJ


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