Home is where the heart is. Here you will find everything from making your own body bath products, bedding, organizing your home and more!


Affordable Fabrics and More Find affordable fabrics and more for all your sewing needs.  Shop fabrics, knitting, sewing notions and more! When you combine the variety of fabrics, quilt patterns, sewing materials, fillings and sewing supplies, with your imagination anything is possible! Start Here:

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 Building a Chicken Coop-  Building your own chicken coop will be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life. Your own backyard chicken coop will provide you with daily fresh organic eggs for the kitchen. It will recycle your families food scraps and produce high quality fertilizer for your garden. Find out more here:


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Grow Perfect GrapesGrow perfect grape vines that produce almost 50 pounds of grapes on a single vine.  Find out more here:

Make Your own Bath-Body productsFrom pampering bath treatments, to rich, soothing creams and butters and aromatic home fragrance products. Start here: