Makeup Just The Right Size

Makeup in just the right size to to fit into your life because your beauty and comfort shouldn’t be a burden.

Are you tired of buying lipstick that you will eventually throw away because it has expired?

Have you ever gone to a department store, bought the make up you wanted but then had to toss it because it had gotten old? And I bet it wasn’t cheap either. It’s like throwing money into the trash!

I don’t buy makeup very often because I eventually throw it away. The mascara dries out before I can finish it. It is so frustrating!

This company has the make up you love in the sizes you can carry. It is designed to fit into your life so you can feel beautiful anywhere!

You don’t have to compromise on feeling and looking great no matter where your day takes you. You as a modern woman, is busy so when your on the move your make up is too.

Got that pimple that just popped out in the middle of that meeting? No problem. Just pull out the concealer in your purse and it disappears.

Is your mascara running because you became emotional at the wedding your attending? No problem. Repair the damage quickly and easily.

All the makeup you need. Half the size therefore half the price!

Buy individual products such as :

Cheek and Lip rouge  rouge


 Creme Lipstick



Effortless Eyelinereyeliner                       

Essential Eye Paletteeyepalette

       mascara         Mascara                            

and many more

Make sure to check out the kits they offer such as:

Matte Kit which includes: powder blush, kabuki brush, lipstick, eyeliner and masacara. Check it out here:

There is also the Basics Kit, the Essential Kit and then there are the simple sets. Check them out here:

Another great option is a subscription. If you are looking for a simple way to make your makeup easier you can subscribe to one of the solutions. It will save you time and mental energy. Just select the product and frequency that makes the most sense for you. Never run out of your favorite lipstick or eyeliner.

The shipping is free for subscriptions and orders over $30.00

Every thing you need in the right size

The direct-to-consumer model allows the offer for “right-sized”, premium products at an affordable price. So you can have the makeup you love in sizes that you can carry. And finish. After all when was the last time you finished an entire lipstick?

Get started here:

And best of all:

Most products are made with scary ingredients such as preservatives to extend the life of the product. They know that you will never finish it. But the great thing about this make up is that the scary stuff is left out because this makeup is meant to be finished!