Seventeen Second Anxiety Hack

Breakthrough 17 Second Anxiety Hack Relieves Your Suffocating Panic Attacks Helping You Finally Feel The Calm, Energized Mind You Desire.


Did you know that inside the nerve cells of every panic and anxiety sufferer there’s a “panic gene?”    anxiety




This microscopic gene is hidden away deep inside your DNA and is switched OFF until environmental stress causes it to become active.

Once you experience just the right amount of environmental stress or trauma…your anxiety gene gets switched ON and you experience:

  • Nauseating, twisting feelings in your stomach
  • Suffocating sensations that make your ribcage feel like it’s being squeezed by a boa-constrictor
  • Tingling that numbs your arms and makes you fear you’re having a HEART ATTACK!
  • Your heart pounding away like a sledge-hammer on an anvil
  • Horrible, surreal feelings like you’re trapped in a nightmare reality with NO WAY OUT!

These intense panic and anxiety sensations TAKE OVER your emotional mind and BLOCK your brain’s ability to help you relax and be calm.

Picture a speeding car on a racetrack where the driver suddenly loses consciousness while their foot is STILL ON THE GAS PEDAL…

That’s exactly what it’s like inside of your nervous system right now.

Your anxiety switch has been flipped ON by this little “panic gene” and it’s causing you to lose control of your fear mechanism.


Discover a breakthrough stress hack based on proven neuroscience that is helping panic and anxiety sufferers just like YOU to finally switch off that nasty little “panic gene”

anxietyOnce You Discover This Little-Known Hack to Switch Off Your “Panic Gene. You’ll Finally Have the Answer You’ve Been Looking For and You’ll Stop Panic and Anxiety Attacks in Seconds.

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