Travel and Vacation Tips

Imagine what it would be like if you encountered many pitfalls during your vacation? You freeze in your tracks and wish you hadn’t made the move of vacationing.  We all have been there.All you need is a little planning.  Below is some travel and vacation tips to help make that trip the most amazing moment of your life.

travel and vacation tips

20 Travel and Vacation Tips

#1.  Be patient

Sound unfamiliar right? Patience is very important while traveling. Unforeseen events can happen.  Keep your cool. No need to get upset and raise your blood pressure.  Simply have it in the back of your mind not to get upset when things go wrong.

#2. Photocopy Important Documents

You get to the airport and discover you forgot your passport! Did you know that photocopies can be used instead?  But wait, you didn’t photocopy any documents. This could totally ruin that dream trip.So make photocopies of all your important documents. Just in case.

#3.See Your Doctor Before Travelling

One of the most vital travel and vacation tips is that you need to know your health status before you travel.  So see your doctor and take recommended vaccines to avoid illness especially if you are going abroad. And don’t forget to check health notices for the place or country you plan to visit.

#4. Travel Light

Don’t get overcharged for excess luggage. Don’t use over sized bags. Use one bag per person especially if traveling with your family.

#5.Browse Flights

If you want to save and don’t mind adding a few hours to your travel time then compare the costs of direct and non-direct flights. Direct flights are more expensive when compared to non-direct flights, More so, you can also plan in advance and browse discount websites to see if there are better deals for your travel.

#6. Have a Budget and Spend Wisely

Admit it! You have heard this advice a thousand times.  One of the most important travel tips to keep in mind when travelling is to have a budget and manage it wisely.  So find what suits your budget.  Never worry about your credit card charges after your vacation.  Nobody wants that feeling of worry and anxiety, so don’t spend beyond your budget. Try travel memberships.

#7. Adequate Planning

If you fail to plan, you might end up going for another vacation when you return from your main vacation. Sounds weird right?  Let’s be honest, planning adequately saves you lots of stress and helps you think straight and smart.  If you don’t know how to start consider getting travel agents to help you out.

#8.Plan Your Meals

Have an imaginary picture of where you will be and what you will eat before you go out.  Aside the benefit of helping you to spend less, you will probably have a great meal that is affordable and tastes great at the same time.

#9. Eat More at Lunch Than Dinner

If you don’t play with your stomach then it is healthier to eat a big breakfast, lunch and a light dinner. Lunch is less expensive than dinner, so you get the idea right?

#10. Wake Up Early

It’ll blow your mind that it’s usually easier to interact with locals when you start your day early.  In addition to this, the photo quality is top notch as a result of diffused light.  More so rising at sunrise makes it easier to do all the sight-seeing and attractions before the road gets crowded.

#11. Pack A Scarf

This could either be a shemagh or sarong.  It’s many uses will come in handy. Dust, eye or sun protection. A makeshift towel.

#12. Take Lots of Photos

Images can evoke the feeling of joy and wonder, love and sympathy as well.  Photography helps us to capture the important moments as well as help us remember the places and people you see.  Chances are you will never see those people or places again.

#13. Be Friendly

Smile and say hello.  Make eye contact. Show friendliness and chances are it will be returned.

#14. Write Down Your Experiences

Your personal/traveler’s diary will help you recall your experiences.  In addition to the photos these will be memories of a lifetime.

#15. Laugh at Yourself

Admit it! Sometimes you will look like a fool when vacationing, especially in places you have never been before. Just make fun out of it rather being embarrassed.  Laugh out loud.  Don’t take it seriously.

#16.Get Basic Information About Your Destination

Don’t experience culture shock! Get information on the country or state you will be vacationing in.

#17. Shopping

Duty-Free can be found in many airports so take advantage.  Also consider the tax rates before you go shopping.  It could save you money.

#18. Go To Local Areas

Aside from tourist spots try going to the local areas and see that place from a different perspective.  Observe life, make friends and add variety to your vacation. Aren’t you tired of routines?

#19. Enjoy The Local Version

Consider trying out things in the “hood”.  It might be a local beer, food or coffee. Also there could be local parties and get togethers that just might make you see life in a different way.

#20.  Learn The Language

If traveling abroad consider learning the language of the place you are visiting.  Even if it’s just hello, good bye, how do you do, you get the idea?  It will make your trip easier to converse with the locals.

Finally consider transportation within the city, you might want to rent a car but try the public transport, this helps you get an overview of your tour city. Don’t forget to not rush when packing.

I hope that these little travel and vacation tips helps make your trip or vacation one that you will remember fondly.